Eheads At the Fountain

Sallies Blog
Saturday, September 01, 2007 07:10:09

    Sallies Governor Blagojevich is showing his true colors; he spends, the people's money, as if it his own private piggy bank!  "Saying, oh who cares if there are extra interest charges, on the loans - the State will pay for it."

   Arvin, Rod is bent and warped, on passing a GRT tax increases.  Since he considers himself a champion of the people, he won't step back, for one moment, to consider another course.  A course, where insurance is a manifest, of a persons wages - a worker is worth their wages.  It's as if he has a vendetta, against business, and doesn't understand that business, government, and those who work for a business, all need to work together; not creating and feeding a tumultuous atmosphere, between these individuals.