Eheads At the Fountain

Sallies Blog
Saturday, September 01, 2007 07:10:09

    Sallies, what battlefield, do you see to be more of a threat to the World?  The remote areas of Pakistan where there is limited access and no wealth, or the centrally located Iraq, with readily available wealth? 

   Arvin, what I find interesting, in this difference of opinion is that the Democratic candidate, at first, was campaigning on a anti-war platform.  Saying, he could resolve all these issues, with diplomacy; now he's flipping and flopping.  Arvin, I guess he should flip-flop.  Because he has taken up the Kerry position, trying to focus the War on Terror in Afghanistan - a country that is basically holding its own.  This leads me to believe that these candidates have no actual position; except for, being against anything the President tries to actuate.