Eheads At the Fountain

Sallies Blog
Saturday, September 01, 2007 07:10:11

    Sallies the Chinese Government needs to hold these counterfeit medicine makers to account.  That is what governments of the 21st century do, but no, they are probably still bound by ego, to believe that they are some ruling class.  No, what we need is a bar code system that can track products, from point of origin to receivership. 

   Arvin it is murderous, what these counterfeiters have done: killing children and others taking cough medicine.  These individuals have got life all wrong; they are out to make a buck (money); they are not out to make life abundant and good for all.  No these individuals are criminals of the highest regard!  If the death penalty is appropriate, at all, then these people deserve to receive such punishment.