Eheads At the Fountain

Sallies Blog
Saturday, September 01, 2007 07:10:15

    Sallies the difference in approach, towards the Iraq question can be seen like this: car owners know they need to change their oil regularly; republicans are doing this, the democrats however want to put if off, hoping that somehow the oil that is in the car is good enough?   Again, republicans are working to solve the situation with minimal problems: changing the oil.  However, the democrats are wanting to ignore regular oil changes; consequently, at some point the engine will seize up, and then the cost may very will be insurmountable. 

   Arvin, America's, Democratic Congress is housed by a fickle bunch, not understanding reality: there are wife beaters; there are bank robbers; there are violent inner city gangs; there are people who will not be moved by words; there are terrorists and terrorism which threaten America, and the western style of life.  This is reality, and I'm sorry that it doesn't fit in with their, rosy colored glasses perception.