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!&! Wounded Soldiers American & Israeli Bike Ride For Just World
!&! Obama's Motives for Trying Detainees in New York: Justice or Unlawful?
!&! President Used Same Language To Pass the Last Failed Stimulus Act
!&! Obama's Administration Is Killing The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs
!&! Are Pakistani's Familiar with Friendly Fire--A Misgiving of War?
!&! Obama's Presidency: Ruling & Controlling Or Facilitating & Empowering
!&! Estate Tax Is Little More Than Theft By Government Rule
!&! Democrats Using Wicked Means to Overturn: Don't Ask Don't Tell Law
!&! It's Not Anti-Muslim Sentiment; It's Anti-location Sentiment
!&! Obama's Job Creation Talk--Topic Redirection & Slight of Hand
!&! Middle East Peace Talks -- The Hope of Grace And Truth
!&! Obama Says G/Zero Mosque Is about Religious Freedom--What?
!&! Raise Taxes to Increase Benefits -- Cut Taxes to Increase Opportunity
!&! At Lowest Common Denominator - Tax Cuts - Create Jobs
!&! Unions Help Ensure A Vibrant Middle Class
!&! Exception: To A Morning News Anchor's Characterizations of Diverted Flight 967
!&! The Ground Zero Mosque A Blessing Or An Insult to Goodness And Truth
!&! Conservative Don't Like Obama's Policies Because They Don't Like His Policies
!&! Obama's Life Fruits Might Not Be Spoiled, But They've Been in The Refrigerator Way to Long
!&! Liberals Talk as if Mass Transit Vehicles Don't Burn Fuel
!&! Elena Keagan's Judgment Fits the Definition of an Undiscerning Mind

!&! Does President Obama Believe Job Creation Is in His Best Interest?
!&! McChrystal & Troops Defame Whitehouse & Administration
!&! Burning Off Oil: It's An Idea To Help The Gulf Waters, But What about The Sky?
!&! Iranian Port in Gaza Is Like Allowing N. Korea To Control San Francisco Harbor
!&! Some Shady Characters at White House To Even Consider Criminal Charges Against BP
!&! British Petroleum: Obama Come Off More As A Hard Ass - Then A Sincere Arbitrator
!&! British Petroleum - Likely They're Doing Everything That Can be Done

!&! Sestak Another Example of Transparency at Obama's White House
!&! Obama's Call Arizona's Law Misdirected - His Directions - Amnesty?
!&! Pensions & Wage Reductions Americans Head to Mexico: Better Way of Life
!&! Politicians Fomenting Civil Unrest against Arizona's Immigration Crackdown
!&! Irony: Administration That Touts  Environmental Concerns: Oil Accident Occurs

!&! Kagan: The Scarecrows Are in Charge & They Have The Diplomas to Say So
!&! Arizona Should Take All Means To Stop Illegal Immigration

!&! Gulf Tourism Board Should Be Marketing Oil Spill as Once in A lifetime Event
!&! It's Unlikely That-Oil Rig Explosion-Due To Elf-Eco-Terrorism Plot  
!&! Obama Speaks Wall Street Reform Well, But His Results Do Not Match
!&! City of San Francisco Proves My Belief: They're Liberal But Don't Believe in Liberty
!&! Study Says "Drug Law Enforcement-Causes-Increase in Violence"
!&! President Prefaces Debt Commission: Seemingly He's Predisposed for Tax Increases
!&! Tax Dollars Hard at Work - At The Securities & Exchange Commission?

!&! Justice Should Protect Fetuses - So Too Should The Supreme Court Justices
!&! Difference Between Vietnam & Al Queda - Indochina Never Attack Us
!&! Fining Toyota Counterproductive? Still Accountability Measures Needed
!&! Billions of Dollars Wasted on High-tech Solution for Arizona & Texas Border Security
!&! Cable Television Rates Have Increased By 300% Since 1990's
!&! Obama Ignores Pleas of Tea Party - Fails To Represent America
!&! The White House's Concern with Job Creation Seemingly Is on Back Burner

!&! Detail of Bill Always More Clear after It's Past - IRS To Be The Heavy
!&! Catholic Nuns Are Like Eve in The Garden - Seduced by Appearance
!&! A Hypothetic Newscast If ObamaCare Is Past into Law
!&! Down Too Passing Health Bill To Protect President's Ego, over Good of Country?
!&! Mandates in ObamaCare Penalties & Jail Time; How Does This Help People?
!&! Liberal Press Are A Bunch of Pinocchio's Believing That Islamic Terrorist Can Be Appeased
!&! Suggestions That Celibacy Is The Root Cause for Sexual Abuse; Is An Absurd Idea

!&! Obama's Health Care Plan Needs to Go back to The drawing Board
!$! Obama's Health Care Prose: I'll Quit Or I'll Control - What has Happened with Justice
!&! Work ID Card Plus Social Security Card: Just More Layers To Hide Corruption
!$! The Texas Textbook Controversy
!&! It's Not If - This Is The Right Time for Health Care; It's If - This Is The Right Health Care Bill
!$! White House Still Pounding Health Care - Seemingly Job Creation Talk - Is Lip Service
!&! Obama about Empowering The Government-He's Not about Empowering The Individual

!$! White House Digging Insurance Hole Deeper - Refuses To Comprise with Market Economy
!&! Change in Personal Habits A Way To Help With Health Insurance And National Debt
!$! President's Pay As You Go Bill Does Not Address Spending with Vigilance
!&! WellPoint's 39% Insurance Hike Explanation As Unscrupulous - As A Tax Increase
!$! Thirty Years of Data Does Not Hold for Evidence of Global Warming
!&! President Clinton's: Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy Is Common Sense
!$! It's Not Fear of Holding Terrorist Trials in New York City; No, It's Justice That Says No!

!&! America: What's Obama's Aim with This Deficient Building Budget
!$! Free Market Indicators Being Ignored By Wall Street Bankers
!&! Banks: Obama Inciting Political Anger Not Presenting Fundamental Solutions
!$! Ill. Gov. Quinn's State of the State Speech Long on Sentimentality Short on Substance
!&! Port-Au-Prince Needs Good Old Fashion Barn Raising
!$! Thomson Prison in Illinois Will Become Likely Target For Radicalized Muslims
!&! Terrorist Farouk's Father A Feat of Faith Like The Father of Faith Abraham

!$! How To Gather Evidence On The Battlefield - Due Process Not Lost At Military Court
!&! Harry Reid Took Obsessive Measures to Garner Votes For Health Bill
!$! This Obama & Democrat Health Bill Gives Me a Sick Feeling in My Gut
!&! Seems Senator Ben Nelson a Cynic After All Was Considered
!$! Wonder What Sam Huston Would Think About a Homosexual Mayor
!&! An Environmental Scientist Not Held To the Same Rigors as A Medical Scientist
!$! Sparing the Pregnant Mother - The War On Abortion

!&! Liberal Responsible for the Dead in Baghdad and Hoodwinked Tax Increases
!$! Further Discourse on Abortion and on Muslim Terrorist
!&! Obama Conflicted On Troop Increase In Afghanistan
!$! Solar Energy Plant in El Centro Ca Rejected By Environmentalist
!&! Surprised Insurance Companies Haven't Tried To Insure the 30 to 40 Million Uninsured
!&! What Else Would Harry Reid Say, Other Than His Health Bill Is The Perfection of America
!&! Foot Hood: Evidence Gathering for Cooler Heads Prevailing or for the Hiding of Embarrassing Details

!$! The Hard Left Eviscerates the School Yard Bully, but Applauds the Terrorist as a Victim
!&! Il. Governor and Senior Senator Seemingly More Interested in Finance than Justice: Seek GITMO Detainees
!&! Obama Using Divide and Conquer Technique to Close GITMO
!$! Common Statements I Find to Be Irksome
!&! President Obama's Job Approval Ratings
!$! America Suffers from Glaucoma Due To A Variety of Social Issues
!&! Bankruptcy Law Prevent Loss of House Due to Medical Expenses

!$! Liberal's Health Plan: All the Right Words But All the Wrong Actions
!&! H1N1 Vaccine Shortages - a Prelude - to the Public Option Health Bill
!$! Their Approach Seemingly Is - To Allow Taliban Take Over Of Afghanistan
!&! No Social Security Increase - That's Surprising
!$! Republicans and Democrats Want Health Care Reform but Not Bigger Government
!&! Obama Wants A Protection Agency-For More Open Business Climate
!$! Jobless Rate Sky High - Woe for Americans

!&! If It Wasn't Roman Polanski - Would There Be This Discussion
!$! Senator Kerry's Refusal to Read Bill - Tripe and Insincere
!&! White House Breaks Oath of Office ... Sues to Silent Insurance Co.
!$! Obama's Health Plan No Increase In Cost to Citizen ... I Have a Bridge in Brooklyn to Sell Too
!&! Joe Wilson Has Apologized All Right Already
!$! Butt-Boobs the New Cosmetic Procedure that Liberals Love Coverage For
!&! Liberal Democrats Just Don't Get It--The Public Option is Un-American

!$! Obama Threatens Lawmakers but Supports Terrorist Rights
!&! It's Not Obama's Words that are in Question; It's what He's Doing
!$! Obama Governing Like an Autocrat Not a President of a Republic
!$! Cash For Clunkers Smells Like Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac Loan Program
!$! Obama a Friend of Big, Bigger, & Biggest Government
!$! Obama Responses to Peoples Deep Concerns With Sarcasm
!$! Put Health Care Bill On the Internet So We Can See Actual Specifics

!&! President Talks About The Un-sustainability Of Current Health System
!$! Tax Incentives Best Way to Fund Health Insurance
!$! Health Care Hasn't Past for 70 Years Maybe There's Good Reason?
!$! Piggyback Rides No Good with Bills of Law
!$! Cap and Trade or Inflate and Steal That Is The Question
!$! 45 Million Uninsured Shouldn't Cost More Than $45 Million
!&! Illinois Passes Capital Plan--Tax Revenues On The Increase

!&! Totally Against National or Socialist Health Insurance
!&! Hypocrisy of Hypocrisy: Democrats and Republicans Both Believing They're Right
!&! Three Topics Concurrent In The Illinois Tax Structure
!&! Three Trillion Dollars for 39 Million Uninsured- a Fuzzy Math Abyss
!&! Impetration for Embryonic Stem Cells Research is Hypocrisy
!&! Unclear About Chinese Uighurs Held at GITMO
!&! Cow Burps-The Cause of Global Warming-Who Knew

!&! Obama's Speech in Cairo - How Will He Handle Disappointment
!&! Pharmacist Defending Himself Was Completely Justified

!&! Nancy Pelosi So Happy For North Korea's Belligerence
!&! Illinois Governor Proven Himself Untrustworthy-Tax Increase-His Wishes or Needs?
!&! Sotomayor's Appointment: Liberals Turn Further Away From Conservative Values
!&! Nancy Pelosi Being Open, Transparent, and Communicative, by Liberal Standards
!&! Democracy at Work in America Today: Obama-n-Cheney

!&! Closing GITMO Seems Like a Crock of Bull
!&! Illinois Democrats Pulling Out All Stops To Raise Taxes
!&! Mom Willing to Use Herbs; Therefore Why Not Chemo
!&! Living the American Dream or Redistributing It-Fitly Seen By Some?
!&! Obama Speaking at Notre Dame the Dirty End of the Stick
!&! Obama's Health Care Initiative Addresses High Points

!&! Homo-Conscience, Socioeconomics, Emotional, Rationales

!&! Chrysler-Two Faces of Obama-One Smiles the other Threatens

!&! GITMO Detainees Should Move in with George Soros

!&! Obama's 100th Day: "Time for Celebration or Cringing?"

!&! Cat Incident at Wriggly Field, a Metaphor of the Wanting to Prosecute Bush-Era Lawyers

!&! Hillary Clinton Says Pakistan is Capitulating to Taliban-Won't that Make Taliban a Nuclear Threat?

!&! Obama's Energy Plan Set to Cripple America, America's Economy

!&! Freddie Mac's-CFO-Suicide or Some Cover Up Scheme?

!&! Miss Runner-up USA has bases for Civil Suit
!&! Seems President Release's Interrogation Memos to Score Brownie Points
!&! Local Headline Read "Be Glad the IRS Didn't Take It All"

!&! Banks Want To Repay Obama Says--Not So Fast

!&! President Characterizes Struggle with North Korea Well

!&! Can a Government By the People Survive with Power Hunger Politicians?

!&! Gun Crisis Always Brings Out Gun Control Proponents

!&! Obama Pressures Colleagues--Doesn't Believe in Voting Conscience

!&! G2 Protestors: Do Nothing to Help Economy-Nothing to Further Peace

!&! Barack Obama Chooses to Be Tyrant, Chooses to Be Dictator

!&! Obama Oversteps Governmental Rights Asking GM's CEO to Step Down

!&! Afghanistan Is Not Barack's War It's the War On Terrorism

!&! Can't Choose Battlefield Constitution Calls for Civil Defense

!&! Is Iran's Goal To Be One in the Community of Nations

!&! About Judging and About Living Christ's Word

!&! Down the Road of Life Good & Evil Are Always Present

!&! Obama Administration Shines Spectacle-90% Tax on AIG'S CEO's

!&! Obama Didn't Mean Anything Derogatory to Special Olympics

!&! White House, Congress, Moral Fortitude-American Economy

!&! Does Bennie Madoff and Leniency Belong in the Same Sentence?

!&! Spending Bill Must Be, Really Bad, Democrats Invoke Bush Bashing for Base Support

!&! The Purveyors of Doom and the Naysayer: verbal blows

!&! Embryonic Stem Cell Research is the Killing of Maturing fetuses, for the Possible Healing of Others

!&! Denying Own Free Will-in Support-of Others-Free Will or Choice is a Deceptive Obfuscation

!&! Common Look at Socialism compared to Capitalism

!&! Partial Birth Abortion Horribly Inhumane

!&! Chief Illiniwek Gone-Native Americans Forgotten, Plus Rod's Book Deal

!&! Blagojevich "Superstars" is Over the Top

!&! How Best to Re-Structure the Auto-Industry

!&! Stimulus Bill Has Stimulated Anger-But Will It Help The Economy

!&! Pork Producers Feeling Competitive Pressures

!&! Little House on the Prairie Heart-Not a Nip Tuck Sort of Guy

!&! Obama's Stimulus Does Little for Recent Lost Jobs

!&! A Candid Imaginary Conversation with President Obama

!&! Martin Luther King Never Dreamed about a Society Based on Socialism

!&! Kyrgyzstan to Receive Money from Russia-US Air Base Will Be Closed

!&! Two More Observations about The Stimulus Bill

!&! Senator Reid-Puts On Exhibition-for Divine Intervention

!&! Governor Arnold Says, "State Workers Just Stay Home and Smoke a Joint"

!&! King Louis 16th Had Nothing on California's Comptroller

!&! Nude Pictures Sent To Peers By Cell Phone: Not a Crime

!&! Senator B. Boxer Make Spectacle of Herself: Senate Floor

!&! Obama Following Blagojevich's Lead?

!&! What Government Action Will Stabilize and Stimulate the Economy?

!&! The Economy Needs Diet & Exercise Not Sweets & Indulgence

!&! The President Asks for Ideas to Help Middle Class Americans

!&! Woman Planted with 8 Embryos: Incredibly Irresponsible

!&! Stimulus Plan Filled with Liberal Perks-Little Help for Economy

!&! Obama Says He's Listening, Calls Americans "A Distraction"

!&! Already Seeing Effects of Obama's Iraqi Strategy

!&! Liberal's Solutions for Society: Decadence & Immorality

!&! Blagojevich Has Every Right To Call Witnesses

!&! America in the Grip of Fear or Spirit of Hope

!&! America Rolls Up Her Sleeves Works with President Obama

!&! More on the Inauguration of Obama

!&! Inauguration Day: America to your Future

!&! Breast Feeding demeaned-By Face Book-as Being Less than Wholesome

!&! Obama is Wrong-about Changing-Don't Ask/Don't Tell-Rule

!&! Obama Believes He's Open, but Won't Consider Other Economical Ideas

!&! Blagojevich 'Already Gone or Is His Gaseous Figure Lingering
!&! Feinstein is Wrong about Effect of Appointment Process

!&! Hamas' Answer For Israel's Border Security: Qassam Rockets

!&! Barack Obama Born in Kenya-Not Eligible to Be President

!&! Israel - Hamas Ground Hog Day is Not till February

!&! Blagojevich Supporters More Concerned with Appearance Than Justice

!&! Blagojevich Breaks Oath of Office

!&! AIG's CEOs What Can They Be Thinking

!&! Fewer People Can Afford Cars Automakers & Economy Suffers

!&! Will Obama Be Transparent or Hope Blagojevich Scandal Passes

!&! Tom Daschle Health Human Service Secretary

!&! Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested

!&! Athens, Greece-Police Officer Shoots and Kill Boy-Irony Violent Protestors

!&! What Is The Something-Needed-To Be Done for Automakers

!&! Automakers CEOs-Working for a Dollar-Political Stratagem

!&! Don't Let Your Diet Gather Dust

!&! Against Barack Obama on Most Issues

!&! Americans Ambivalent about Exercise-Prefer Obese Children

!&! An Idea: Indoor Solar Energy Panels For Window Treatment

!&! Obama's Energy Plan: Don't Drill Now-Don't Drill Ever

!&! A Young Black Boy Is President of USA

!&! O. K. Obama is President - Here We Go

!&! The Lollipop Attitude of Pro-Choice is Unconscionable

!&! Barack Obama - Illinois Should Not Be Proud Of Him

!&! Monies Spent in Iraq Benefiting American Economy

!&! Television Ratings Improperness Another Chink in the Armor

!&! Father Kills Daughters for the Sake of His Honor

!&! Liberal Pundit Loses Argument-Hypocrisy His Comfort

!&! Ohio Needs Practical Solution to Eliminate Voter Fraud

!&! Gold is an Investment That Kills the Economy

!&! Tax, Tax, & Taxes Look at The Plans Carefully

!&! Too Bad Barack's Record is Not Clean

!&! Newsweek Show Liberal Slant but Poor Journalism

!&! Coined Phrases are So Much Fun

!&! Obama's Crowd Believes Higher Taxes as the Cure-all

!&! Some Teachers Use Classroom as Bully Pulpit

!&! Pet Projects: Representative Tax or Selective Taxation

!&! Murtha's Need to Be Needed - Out Weights Good Judgment

!&! A Titanic Bailout Needed to Help Widows and the Economy

!&! Failed Bailout: Who Does It Hurt Mom & Pop Retiree or Retired CEO's

!&! Debates are Important By the Economy is Essential

!&! On Environment Barack Obama Talks Fines & Fees rather than Research & Development

!&! Possible Marketing Ideas for Afghanistan

!&! Nancy Pelosi's Rebellious Ways Equals a House Divided

!&! Bush Administration-Trusted American Institutions-to be Ethical

!&! Barack is Not a Man for This Time or Anytime in America

!&! What is the Correct Tax Rate - Can Anyone Answer That, Please

!&! AIG's Bailout - Helping or Hurting the Tax Payer's Economy?

!&! Barack's Hollow Elocution Distorts Market Realities

!&! Difference Between Obama and McCain Succinctly Expressed

!&! Biden-Obama Bad for the Working Man & Bad for America

!&! Joe Biden Not Willing to Impose His Beliefs

!&! The Day America Should Have Changed-911

!&! Dem-Libs be Pickin' on Palin

!&! John McCain to Drain The Swamps in Washington D. C.

!&! Ambiguities Spoken By Democratic Campaign Strategists

!&! Dem-Libs Protestors St. Paul--Democratic Leaders Quiet

!&! Sarah Palin's Daughter is in the News

!&! Global Warming: Continental Shifts: Thousand Years of Weather

!&! Comparative Biden 'n' Obama and then Kennedy 'n' Johnson

!&! A Couple of Things, a Couple of Ideas, a Couple of Thoughts

!&! Barack Has a Small Record but Says "Now is Not the Time Small Plans"

!&! It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, but Watch Out

!&! How Many Voices Say Barack is not Qualified but is a Charmer

!&! The Caylee Anthony Case and the New Challenge There In

!&! Barack's Abortion Answer Proves He's Unqualified

!&! Li Weifeng Captain of China's Olympic Soccer Team: Futbol

!&! Russia's Strategy: Make Georgia Look Guilty in International Opinion

!&! A Maxim on Diplomacy and Self-Defense

!&! Barack's Language On the Georgia - Russian War is Ambivalent

!&! Chinese Official Blinded to Beauty

!&! The Belligerence Between Russia and Georgia

!&! Barack Obama - Mentally Exhausted - Needs Rest

!&! My Gut Feeling On the Missing Little Caylee

!&! Historical Patterns: The Rise and Fall of Humankind

!&! Barack Obama The Pied Piper Incarnate

!&! I Think I Had a Sagacious Thought, but Maybe Not?

!&! Church Shot Up: Was it Hand of God or Crack Pot?

!&! Oregon Accepts Death as Alternative for Cure of Cancer

!&! What is Governor Blagojevich up too: 1st the Lotto now IDOT?

!&! The Irony of People's Take on Life and Truth

!&! Liberal is He, Yes He, Obama is a Liberal-Intolerant

!&! Barack's Speech an "A" for Delivery a "C-" for Clarity

!&! Barack Uses Double Speak For Each New Audience

!&! Obama Pacifies The Guilt & Feeds The Hatred Of Supporters

!&! Clear Sight For Iran/Israel Disagreements

!&! President Bush Gives 4th of July Speech at Monticello

!&! Obama Say He Will Tax The Top 1%

!&! Barack's Ethnicity Is Not Why I won't Vote For Him

!&! A DNA Like Test - Needed = To Help Verify Global Warming

!&! A Simile On The Talk-NO-Talk Iran Issue

!&! What Is Foreign Policy Anyway And Why We Don't Talk With Iran

!&! Barack Obama Speaks But What Does He Mean

!&! Homosexuals Revel In California Court's Decision

!&! Comparing Iran With Former USSR Is Naive

!&! McCain Presidency - Vision - Is One Of: "We The People"

!&! Red Cross - First Aid Ship - Sinks: Myanmar

!&! Barack Obama's Smoke-N-Mirrors Tour

!&! Back Troubles In America, The Reasons Why

!&! Simply Not liking the War In Iraq Is No Solution

!&! All Right To Talk With Hamas All Right To Boycott The Olympics

!&! Polygamist Cult In Texas Twists God's Word For Own Desires

!&! To Talk With Iran Or Not to Talk With Iran - What A Question

!&! Any Boycott Of Olympic Games Is Wrongheaded

!&! Iraq Pullout Doesn't Mean Death Ends For Soldiers

!&! Social Scourges Blinding America From Truth

!&! Obama And Wright Are No Martin Luther King, Jr.

!&! Barack Obama Has Bill Clinton Charm

!&! Orated Choice Building Schools Or Helping To Free A People

!&! What Exactly Is Racism Anyway?

!&! World Better Off If Iraq War Never Happened

!&! Barack Is Unproven to America And Himself

!&! Eliot Spitzer Best Example For Private Sector Heath Insurance

!&! Barack Obama Does Not Have Appearance Of Public Servant
!&! Democrats Say They Help The Little Guy But Costs Escalate On Their Watch
!&! Health Insurance: Benefit of Earnings Not Governmentally Procured

!&! Governor Blagojevich's Ideas

!&! Environmental Protection Laws

!&! Georgia Schools To Separate The Boys From The Girls

!&! Is Ford Motor's Blacking The Eye Of American Industries?

!&! Senator McCain Accused of Philandering

!&! Governor Rod Blagojevich Is For The Family

!&! Ending Abortion Not About People Being Charged Criminally

!&! Four Candidates Remaining To Hold Up To The Light

!&! Killings At Council Meeting In Kirkwood, Missouri

!&! Is It Time To Be Thinking About Vice Presidents?

!&! Stimulus Package Fails Loaded With Entitlements

!&! Barack Obama's Support is Unfounded

!&! President Candidates whittled Down To Five

!&! Governor Blagojevich Panders Rather Than Governs

!&! Government's Role With Health Insurance

!&! The Complexities In Relations With Iran

!&! Britney Please Take Care of Yourself and Your Children

!&! Expanding Gambling to Increase State Revenue is a Lousy Idea

!&! Video Games - Just to Easy of a Target to Blame

!&! As Americans We Should Honor Our Immigration Laws

!&! Questions for the President Candidates

!&! Robber in Dade County, Florida - Angry Police Caught Him

!&! In America Living with Lesbians and Gays

!&! Michael Newdow Seeks Atheism Endorsement by Courts

!&! Paul "a Clown" Carlock - Shame Brought Him to Rage

!&! Governor Blagojevich is Long on Want - Short on Wisdom

!&! City of Philadelphia's Lawyer Blackmails the Boy Scouts
!&! What's Mexico's Policy, Dealing with Illegal Immigration
!&! Pakistan's Musharraf Is No Saddam Hussein

!&! Socialized Medicine is Vain Prejudice at Work

!&! Bill Clinton Defends Wife Hillary

!&! Liberals Attack Home Schooling Moral Beliefs

!&! Hypocrisy Depths - No Hugs - but Abortions Allowed

!&! George Ryan to be Jailed or not to be Jailed

!&! Can't accept Drew Peterson excuse for Missing Stacy
!&! Making an Idol Out of Nature
!&! WestBoro Church Fined for Protesting at Soldier's Funeral

!&! People Don't Seem To Be Thankful for the Rain

!&! Peace Not Enough Common Ground for Olmert & Abbas

!&! Judge Denies Soldier Mom Custody to Her Child
!&! A President that Will Be Steady
!&! Anti War Folks Belligerent to Folks Supporting Troops

!&! What is the Candidate's Motive to Be President

!&! Liberals Burning Candle at both Ends

!&! Abortion is a Terribly Bad Science

!&! International Court Seeks Technicality, But Not Justice

!&! Private Insurance versus Government Insurance

!&! Basic Human Sexuality

!&! My Take on the Presidential Candidates

!&! Barack Hussein Obama Taints Justice

!&! Christians and Muslims - Seek and See the Truth

!&! Illegal Immigrant Driving Truck Hits Boy on Bike

!&! Toilet Seat Position etiquette

!&! Not Throwing Stones at Liberty

!&! The Delusions That exists: in Iran and in America

!&! Iran's President Ahmedinejad at Ground Zero

!&! The New Racism in America

!&! MoveOnDotOrg Rants its Power "Childlike" with Ad in NY Times

!&! Mexican Truckers Accessing American Jobs: Bad Idea

!&! Sexual Honesty

!&! America Loses Under H. Clinton or B. Obama
!&! 911 - Is there more than One Heaven?

!&! With Liberals Leadership: America Complicit Genocide of Israel

!&! Surprised that Governor Blagojevich is a Socialist
!&! Police Party at Hooters Leaving a New York Town Off Guard

!&! Pedophile Jack McClellan a Test Case?

!&! Smoking Laws are Fascist

!&! Mining Rescue and Recovery Must Go Forward
!&! Mattel Losing America's Trust

!&! Coal Mining is Hazardous and That's That

!&! The Battlefield for the War on Terror

!&! America Shouldn't Follow Canada

!&! Governor Blagojevich Shows True Colors

!&! It's Pro-Abortion Not Pro-Choice

!&! Blagojevich's Stall Tactics: How Long Will They Last?

!&! Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Ohio

!&! al Qaeda in Iraq al Qaeda in the World

!&! Liberals Make Sense Out of Not Reporting Wrong Behavior

!&! Anti-War Activists Squeeze Democratic Legislators

!&! Tragedy Strikes the Linnik Family

!&! Islamic Terrorist Just Don't Care

!&! Miss New Jersey Are You Worthy?

!&! Liberals Dumbfounded With President Bush

!&! Blagojevich a Foul of the Constitution
!&! American the Beautiful has become ... the Fickle?

!&! Scooter Libby

!&! American Bodies of Government: Corruption?

!&! Empty Campaign Rhetoric Misleads Our Steps

!&! Oh Impetus Winds, How Will Thy Blow?

!&! Miami Beach Washing Away?

!&! Cable Networks Fawn Over Paris

!&! Lott's/Feinstein's Immigration Love-Fest

!&! Immigration Bill: The Best America Can Do?

!&! Jimmy Carter A Classic Do Gooder

!&! Boy Sees Mom vanish

!&! Paris Hilton America's Warden

!&! D. C. Judge without Critical Discretion

!&! Kelsey Smith: Justice Denied

!&! Gays: Open and Diverse

!&! Choice Becoming Clear in Iraq

!&! Immigrant Workers and the Issues There....

!&! Emotional Policy or Liberationist Policy

!&! Pharmaceutical Industry Supports Blagojevich's GRT

!&! Difference in Approach: The Iraq Question

!&! Blagojevich is No
Santa Claus; GRT is No Gift from God
!&! El Paso, Texas: Educating Children, the Cost
!&! Chinese to Punish Counterfeit-Medicine-Makers

!&! America Where Art Thou: Signed the People of Iraq

!&! Sunday in The Park

!&! Tolerance is One Thing; Acquiesces is Another

!&! Hot Hollywood Romance: Alec and Rosie

!&! Harry Reid Cedes Baghdad to Terrorists & Insurgents

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