Eheads At the Fountain

Sallies Blog
Saturday, September 01, 2007 07:10:24

    Sallies why do some prominent Americans what to steer us to a Canadian style health system or an overburden tax rate, like our Swedish neighbors?  The America philosophy is what all people, except for Liberal Americans, aspire to achieve; they, the liberals seem to have lost their way.  Perhaps, these liberals aspire to become power brokers, rather than servants of the people: having the I know better attitude.  Just because the right things are said, don't be gullible that the right things will be done - watch out, for our old friend, double-speak.  Insurance should be a part of a persons wage, for they earn it, and not a government entitlement; government is a go between not a institution.

   Arvin I know what you mean.  Listening to Rod Blagojevich last night on the news, it's as if, there is a different meaning behind his words.  It's like the word love; some take this word to mean, any sexual encounter, when it means something completely different.  I'm sure Governor Rod has his loyalties, but where they lie, that is the question.