Eheads At The Fountain

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

sallies eheads at the fountain    Sallies, There's so much smoke in the room known as the Obama administration that the path needed to proceed is darken by it, but the one-path is always the same; justice is the light to seek.  Now just what justice will look like regarding these allegations should not be cruel or unusual, but there must be some punishment, besides just the loss of employment?

   Arvin, I still hear some liberal pundits making-light of this matter, as if it some big game to them -- for to them the liberal-democrats can do no wrong -- even if the wrong is as glaring as what the IRS has done in targeting groups rather than serving America: the IRS was not only collecting taxes, they were targeting taxpayers who disagreed with liberal views; if that is not tax-tyranny what is -- I ask?  It sure isn't justice at work!