Eheads At The Fountain

Sunday, July 24, 2011

sallies eheads at the fountain      Sallies have you ever seen the Movie the "Sheepman" with Glenn Ford and Shirley Maclaine?  Leslie Nielsen plays the antagonist who has pulled the wool over the eyes of the towns people.  He speaks well in public; even his ridicule, "This isn't a socialist takeover," is lauded as meritorious, but in reality - he's seeking control and power over the land and the towns people.  Now this may not be an accurate metaphor of Obama, but considering his deeds and actions - it may be: he's usurped private rights in the automobiles industry; he's threaten Humana for disturbing literture about his insurance plan; there're threats, of taking obese children away from their parents and homes; his foreign policy borders on anti-American, and who knows what else?  On the moral side: he's pro-abortion, even tried to get tax payer dollars to support it and he wants the sin of homosexuality to be accepted as readily as heterosexual marriage.  Plus he's leveled threats against the republicans: "If you don't give me exactly what I want I'll stop social security payments, and you will be to blame for my choice of stopping it!"  Now this doesn't sound, like a man of liberty and compassion, but sounds like a man who is vying, for a government of power and control over wealth and the people.    

   Arvin I know you; you want the same thing those pioneering Americans wanted, when America was a mere child!  America is not to be a country of the have and the have nots, but a country where no person, no business, no employer, no employee and especially not the government takes a bigger slice of pie that may cause concerns for others.