Eheads At The Fountain

Friday, November 05, 2010

sallies eheads at the fountain      Sallies the only thing that should persuade people is the truth; otherwise they are just being conned.  In fact to persuade does mean to con.

   Arvin Obama is governing like he's holding the hand of a frail old lady, and he is trying to lead people into a place where the government rules the people, instead of the people being the government.  Now he should know, the only tone to set is the truth, for that is the only thing people can handle.  The truth is: righteousness, justice, goodness, not greedy, not immoral, not overreaching, and it's compassionate.  The truth is not hard, mean, calculating, or cold.  No! these things come from being bitter; they do not come from being loving, and being loving is the truth.