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Comics: Rhetoric & Prose
 Ferguson Needs the Side of Justice Not on the Side of Us or Them
Obama Enables Mexico In Not Honoring It's Citizens
Oppression and Socialism

Climate Change Rhetoric is Prose Used As a Tax-Grab-Scheme
A Short-form for Immigration Reform
Kathleen Sibelius What Type of Woman is she
IRS Follows It's Leader; Refusing to Accept Blame for Wrongs Committed.
Obama Refuses to Take Responsibility Blames Congress for Benghazi
Obama is Making-Light of Constitution & Some Pundits Join Him
Captive Women Have the Liberty -- Liberal-Dems Pursue for America

White House Devoid of Maturity in Regards to Syria's Chemical Weapons Use!
Gitmo Detainees are Terrorist are Killers -- What's Justice
State Department Acting as Tyrants -- Not the Keepers of Liberty
Obama's Bad Investments -- Solyndra and Fisker Electric Cars
Wonder Where John Kerry was Radicalized
Joe Biden Believes Life Begins at Conception; Chooses Death
The Horrors of Abortion & Those Who Advocate It?

!&! Capitalizing On the Oil Sands in Canada for the Benefit of All
!&! Substance Over Feelings When Deciding Between GOP Candidates
!&! Laws & Rules of Electronic Voting for Voting Officials
!&! Regulations That Are Beneficial & Regulations That Are Detrimental
!&! All Imports Must Meet Same Regulations That We Place Upon Our Selves
!&! Palestinians Have Vowed Israelis Genocide and Destruction
!&! Stimulus Tax, Tax Cuts or Targeted Tax Reform and Relief

!&! Useful Government Service Our Government Could Preform
!&! Obama on Debt Ceiling: Snow Job or Real Concerns for America?
!&! Debt Ceiling - Glass Ceiling - Textured Ceiling
!&! Illegal Arms Sales to Mexico Is Not Will of American People
!&! Universal Health Care - One Step Away from Slavery & Bondage
!&! Libya Conflict: A Fight for Goodness & Justice or Profit & Guile
!&! CAO Report Hogwash or Accurate Assessment of Budget

!&! NFL Money Pie Divide Equitably Among Players, Owners, & Others
!&! It's Not More Unemployment INS: It's More Equitable Jobs
!&! Prejudice is Bias of Choice That Cuts Both Ways
!&! China's Hu Disservices China & America: Belittles American Dollar
!&! Closing GITMO Is Not Substantive But Is All about Politics
!&! Obama Calls Out GOP to Put Politics Aside
!&! Obama's Surreptitious Acts "On Health Care" Proves His Motives

!&! EPA's Unilateral Choice--Noticed Measure--Higher Taxes
!&! Evolving Moralities Are No Moralities At All
!&! History Teaches That Socialistic Utopias Fail
!&! ObamaCare Is Graft As Well As Being Unconstitutional
!&! London: Students Protest The Raising of Tuition
!&! Obama Acknowledges Message Didn't Get Through
!&! Foreclosures: Possession Is Nine Tenths of The Law
Eheads At The Fountain
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