Eheads At The Fountain

Thursday, June 06, 2013

sallies eheads at the fountain    Sallies a true look at history will show that, the typical perception of women is basically false, for women can be some of the most vicious, vile, wicked, and heartless creatures and not, the kind and gentle impression they typically receive.  The third Reich's Herrick Himmler's wife skinned Jewish people to make lamp-shades and there are many other such women too.  Now Kathleen Sibelius may not be in the class of these women, but she is not putting life first; she is putting politics and political favors first and such choices, should be admonished and rejected....

   Arvin we should never rely on a woman's face and think we know this person; for we can only know a woman, by the things that she does and things she chooses to do, and Mrs. Sibelius has a frightening track record of choices: showing her character as a person, who rejects life and the dignity of life.