Eheads At The Fountain

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

sallies eheads at the fountain    Sallies, some see socialism as the choice to deal with oppression, but it only changes the oppressor, from an individual boss to a government boss.  As Americans we fought for the right to be free from a government boss, in the Revolutionary War and to let the individuals have self-determination of their lives; we call that freedom and liberty.  However some in government are trying to lord it over individuals, not because they are right or will serve freedom, liberty, and people better, but because their hearts are hardened, to the seeking of power, for power’s sake; it’s shameful and detrimental.

   Arvin problem is; some people believe they’ll be better off at the hands of a government oppressor, than with having the liberty of self-determination, and all of its fruits, flaws, and weaknesses.  Now these individuals do not consider the facts rightly, for a government oppressor will keep them from achieving their best; because the government wants uniformity and conformity not self-expression and achievement.   As well history shows when government is the sole power that they -- absolutely corrupt: the flaws, faults, and weakness that go along with having freedom and self-determination are more tolerable, then having a government oppressor.