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Friday, August 4th 2017

Memorial of Saint John Vianney, Priest

                                Leviticus 23:1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34-37

                                Psalms 81:3-6, 10-11

                                1 Peter 1:25

                                Matthew 13:54-58

Christians, Jesus not being able to work any mighty deeds, in his native place, is truly a blessing, for us, a blessing for humankind; to a great extent, substantially, it shows that God the Heavenly Father wants us to be aware of his interactions with us, with humankind, through our faith: that is – through the extent of our faith that we may gain through the knowledge of Christ Jesus’ words and teachings, his Gospel, and so we may come to share in Christ Jesus’ divine nature; if only our faith is the size of a mustard seed: if only we have, faith….  Now Christians, one aspects of Christ Jesus coming into the world was: so we will have life and have it more abundantly….  The Lord our Heavenly Father wanted Moses and the Israelite’s to celebrate, but the celebration was not to be a drunken or drugged out orgy, but it is to be a celebration of life and love; it is to be a celebration of family; and it is to be celebrated with stringed instruments and dance and like with the wedding feast, where Jesus turned water into wine; it is to be a celebration with wine and with drink.  Still, there are other celebrations that are more sacred; where dance and stringed instruments would not be appropriate; nonetheless, the Lord our Heavenly Father said to Moses, “These are the festivals, of the Lord, which you shall, celebrate!”  Now of course we have other celebrations, too: birthdays, fairs, weekend gatherings, and just getting together to play cards or board games, but drunkenness, excessive drinking or unrestrained sexual behaviors are truly not desired but are temptation; remember, desire is something that comes from within the person, but temptation is something that comes from outside of the body; moreover, temptation always leads to sin, but desire, of a loved one or a blessed life – can lead to one man and one woman, in marriage and the becoming one in Christ Jesus, and as well – can lead to a blessed life, realizing: the reward from the works of our hands and the intelligence of our minds.  Still, we are to do all things, as if we are doing them, for Christ Jesus, and not in the attempt of gratifying: sinful desires or unwanted temptations; for sinful desires and temptations – will only lead to death for the wage of sin is death.  Now Christians, when the dawn breaks and the sun, just starts to come into our sight, over the horizon, recognize the garden with which we are living!  The splendor of God’s creation is a joy, to our hearts and minds and furthermore, the eye never tires of seeing….  As the dawn progresses towards morning know, within yourselves, your consciences and your hearts, and see the breath of life, of the Earth’s nature.  In this moment, of dawn, let your whole existence of your lives, pass through your hearts and minds from your earliest memories to the previous day’s work of your hands, minds, and hearts: the words you have spoken; the politics you have held; the motives of your ambitions; whether you are planning to steal something from your neighbor; whether you are coveting and oppression and taking advantage of the people, who are working for you or whether you are using the gifts, God, the Heavenly Father has given to you, in a capital way: by recognizing that without the works of other people’s hands, the blessing God has given to you would amount to nothing; and whether you are doing, all things for the Lord Christ Jesus or whether you are serving mammon in the hopes of fulfilling, your pride and serving your flesh; remember, no person can serve two masters.  For they will either hate one and love the other or be devoted to one and despise the other; we cannot serve God and mammon; the spirit and the flesh are in opposition.  Yes Christians, ring in the dawn with joy in your hearts and with clear consciences and blow the trumpets, at the new moon, at the full moon, and at our solemn feasts.  Sing of the joy and life and goodness and the freedom and the liberty that are within Christ Jesus’ Gospel of life.  Recognize your temptations and your sinful desires and overcome them with Christ Jesus' grace and truth; by choosing to live in Christ Jesus’ spirit and truth – the joy of life.  Yes Christians, sing out the Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus, and have and subscribe to no ways… of any false prophets: for we are either seeking the kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness or we are choosing, either through omission or the pacification or down right denial, something other than seeking, the kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness; nonetheless, we through our freewill given to us by God, the Heavenly Father are choosing to serve God or to serve mammon.  Now Christians this is the day that the Lord, our Heavenly Father has made; therefore rejoice and be glad in it.  For the word of the Lord remain forever; Christ Jesus’ Gospel of life is, the words and teachings of the Lord, our Heavenly Father: the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, and the Son of God, the Lord Christ Jesus.  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.


 Friday, August 11th 2017

Memorial of Saint Clare, Virgin

                                Deuteronomy 4:32-40

                                Psalms 77:12-16 & 21

                                Matthew 5:10

                                Matthew 16:24-28

Christians, Jesus teaches, if we wish to follow after him or in other words, if we wish to save our lives and enter into the kingdom of heaven, we must deny ourselves.  Now, the question arises, “What must we deny... ourselves;” for surely it is not: loving the Heavenly Father with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength, nor is it living an abundant life – for this, an abundant life, is one of the aspects of Christ Jesus coming into the world.  Therefore Christians see that we must deny ourselves, from our sinful flesh, if we wish to follow after Christ Jesus: by seeking his kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness, we deny our sinful flesh: from its pride, its conceit, its vainglory, its sexual immoralities – among these: adultery, fornication, homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality; we must also deny our sinful flesh from its covetousness – among these: the wanting of our neighbors goods; the withholding and greed of not sharing the profits, from the use of our natural resources, among all people, this meaning: cars, clothes, electronic, homes, food, and all things that make up an abundant life….  Yes Christians, we must deny ourselves and take up our cross, if we wish to follow after Christ Jesus.  Now Christians: Moses speaks to his brethren, the Israelites, in the hopes they will realize: “God, the Heavenly Father has done tremendous things in their sight,” things that had never happened before, in the history of humankind, and they should understand that there is a God, in heaven and that they will be accountable, for their conduct and behavior, as we too, in this present generation, are accountable: for our repentance or our rebellion, our hardheartedness, and our disbelief….  Christians, Moses expounds to the people: we have heard the voice of God, the Heavenly Father; we have heard God’s voice in the midst of fire; we saw God, the Heavenly Father take up a people and deliver them from the hands, of Pharaoh – a feat that the Israelites could not have accomplished through rebellion or military strength; Moses said, we have been tested, by signs, by wonders, and by wars, and by great terrors and with, his outstretched arm – God, our Heavenly Father was pleased to deliver us from those who have oppressed us.  Now Christians, the ancient Israelites were witnesses to great things, brought about by God, through Moses, but with Christ Jesus – his strength was in his own hands because he is the Son of God, our Heavenly Father; still, Christians, do not be remiss, for we too have been witnesses to great things….  Now, Moses hoped the Israelites – would turn to their faith in God the Heavenly Father, rather than turning only to the things that they could perceived, by human intelligence, and we too should look to our faith, in Christ Jesus and work out our salvation, in accordance, with Christ Jesus’ Gospel of life and salvation.  Furthermore, Christians, given the history of humankind, we should readily see that there is but one God and that God is: the God of Adam and Eve, the God of Abraham and Sarah, and the God of King David, and the Father of the only begotten Son, our Lord Christ Jesus.  Now Christians, Jesus is Lord, and because of this reason – we are to fix in our hearts and minds that the Heavenly Father is, the Lord of both the heavens above and the earth below and that there is no other God.  As well, because of this, we find our joy, our life, and our being – in keeping Christ Jesus’ statutes and commandments: for they are truth and they are life and through them is the only way to receive salvation….  Yes Christians, as far as mortal concerns, all mortal blessings are derived from the land and through, the works of our hands and the decisions of our minds, but Jesus teaches this great parable: “There was a merchant, searching for a fine pearl, and when he finds a pearl, of great price, he will go and sell all that he has – to purchase this pearl;” therefore Christians, we see and know – although we may gain the whole world of things… if we lose our souls, they, material goods and possessions are worth nothing.  Still, if we be absent, of the blessings of the land – we may still have Christ Jesus in our hearts: “For Saint Paul teaches: there is nothing on this earth, nothing in the heavens, not future things nor things from the past that can keep us, from the love that is in Christ Jesus.”  Christians, remember, the great things that God, our Heavenly Father did through Moses and remember the parables, the miracles, the events, and remember the words and teachings of Christ Jesus’ Gospel: for they are life and spirit and truth.  As well, Christians, meditate on the works – God, our Heavenly Father did through Moses and the Prophets, and meditate on the words and teachings of Christ Jesus' Gospel – growing in knowledge of the Lord Christ Jesus and seeking, to understand what faith is… in Christ Jesus.  Now Christians, in our faith in Christ Jesus: our joy springs up, in us, like a well; for although this teaching is tough and difficult to the flesh, it is life and freedom and truth and liberty to the spirit: “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness; for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.”  Yes Christians only by faith and through the Holy Spirit can we hope to understand this beatitude of Christ Jesus; nonetheless, let us continue in the prayer that Christ Jesus has taught to us: “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus, let us pray and be thankful.  Amen.


Friday, August 18th 2017

The Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Tune

                                Joshua 24:1-13

                                Psalms 136:1-3, 16-18, 21-22 & 24

                                SEE 1Thesalonians 2:13

                                Matthew 19:3-12

Christians Jesus teaches, “What God has joined together, man must not separate.”  In meditation of this verse, we see the words: “Must not Separate, but we do not see the words cannot separate.”  In fact, it may be said: “Through God’s foreknowledge, of humankind’s wickedness, God knew, they would twists, distort, pervert, and obfuscate, the truth of marriage: one man and one woman, and the two becoming one; therefore, Jesus teaches us, “What God has joined together, man must not separate.”  Now Christians, take a look at this, before God called: Abraham, Moses, and the Israelites, they lived; following the age of the world; following the rulers, of the power, of the air; following the spirit that works disobedience in our flesh; and they, served other gods.  Notwithstanding, God our Heavenly Father brought them, out of the darkness and away from false gods – bringing them unto the truth of life: by giving them, the Israelites, the Ten Commandments and then through Christ Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection: we were also given, the gift of the Holy Spirit and the hope of eternal life; where there is love, truth, goodness and life.  Let us be clear, Joshua addressed the elders, the leaders, the judges, and the officers of the Israelites, at Shechem: reminding them “That before Abraham sojourned to the place where God the Heavenly Father compelled him and from previous times, they the Israelites worshipped craven images of stone and wood; they were idolaters; they followed after, false ways; they followed the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the disobedient.”  Joshua reminds the Israelites “That God, the Heavenly Father led Abraham, to Canaan, and made his descendants numerous; giving Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, their son, the Son from their old age; and then Isaac was blessed with Jacob and Esau.”  Joshua continues to address the Israelites at Shechem; “Jacob and his children went down to Egypt and then, God the Heavenly Father sent Moses, and through Moses and Aaron -- God, the Heavenly Father smote the Egyptians for they refused, to set the enslaved Israelites free.”  Again, through Moses, God the Heavenly Father led the Israelites towards the Red Sea, and because of the harden heart of Pharaoh, harden because God the Heavenly Father wanted to show Egypt that there is a God in Heaven and that God chose, the Israelites, to reveal the truth, to reveal himself, to humankind.  Where upon the Egyptians, who were out to enslave the Israelites, again, chasing them with chariots, and still in disbelief, to whether there was a God, in Heaven – even after the first born of every Egyptian: their children and their livestock were kill, because Pharaoh said, “If you [Moses] ever come again into my presence I will kill you,” so Pharaoh's own curse came upon his land and upon the Egyptian people, and then in finality, the Egyptians were engulfed in the Red Sea, while they pursued the Israelites, in their attempt to enslave them again….  Now Christians, this is not all that God, the Heavenly Father did for the Israelites, while – teaching them the truth about themselves: “That man is aware of the presence of God, but some individuals, follow after the spirit that is at work in the disobedient; rather than following after, the way, the truth, and the life that is Christ Jesus, and who is now revealed to humankind, through his words and teachings, the Gospel, and through the Holy Spirit.”  Yes Christians, God called Abraham and made him the father of many nations; God called the Israelites out of Egypt and delivered them, through Moses and Aaron; and God, the Heavenly Father made a New Covenant with humankind, bringing us the grace and truth, through his Son's birth, death and resurrection, and along with this, God delivered the Israelites from the power of the Amorites and God delivered the Israelites from all people, who sought to destroy them; proving to the Israelites, and all the tribes around them that there is a God in heaven and that God, the Heavenly Father chose the Israelites to reveal himself and to reveal the way, the truth and the life.  Joshua continues to speak to the Israelites; God has given us “A land that we have not tilled and cities that we did not build, to dwell in; we have eaten of the vineyards and olive groves, which we did not plant,” and God did this, for the glory of his name, and so that people will know that there is a God in Heaven.  Yes Christians, God has created us with intelligent minds and gave us hands, with which we can do wonderful things, and hearts: to love our wives, our children and our families, but some follow after the ruler of the power, of the air, the spirit that is at work in the disobedient, instead of choosing Christ Jesus’ way, truth and life, his grace and truth; they choose disobedience, they choose abomination, they choose vainglories, they work to fulfill their pride and to serve mammon, rather than choosing to serve God, the Heavenly Father, whose mercy endures forever.  Now Christians, profoundly accept and receive the word of God, Christ Jesus’ Gospel, not as the words of men, as the wisdom of humankind, but as it truly is, the word of God, our Heavenly Father.  Now Christians, in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.   


Friday, August 25th 2017

The Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

                                Ruth 1:1, 3-6, 14-16, 22

                                Psalms 146:5-10

                                Psalm 25:4-5

                                Matthew 22:34-40

Christians, faithfully seek the kingdom of heaven by being obedient to Christ Jesus’ commandment: “That we love the Heavenly Father with all our hearts, with all our souls, with all our strength, and with all our minds, and as well that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves….”  Now Christians, the physical aspect and the spiritual aspect of loving the Lord our God, our Heavenly Father, although they are different in regard to one being physical and the other being spiritual; both, the physical and spiritual take place within our minds, our souls, in our hearts, and within our strength….  Christ Jesus teaches this: “The way that we love him and as well, the way that we love the Heavenly Father is, by keeping his words and teachings.”  Successively, we have this teaching: “If any person say they love God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but hates their brother – they are liars (“Brother” in this instance means neighbor and neighbor means, the men and women that God, our Heavenly Father did create).  Again, Jesus teaches, “If a man, a person says, ‘I love God – yet they have hatred for their brother, then that person is a liar:’” for Jesus teaches: “Those who do, not, love their brothers, whom they can see: how, can they love God, whom they cannot see…?”  Now Christians, let us look at how we love God, and how we love our neighbor from another aspect: simply because two people are not in agreement, about something, this does not mean that they do not have love for one another; however, to be and to reside in Christ Jesus, he teaches… “Wherever two are gathered together in my name and are in agreement, then Jesus will be there with them...!”  For further clarification of this: it, this teaching does not mean, when two or more people are gathered together in Jesus’ name, who are in agreement with themselves, about Jesus, but who are in disagreement with the scriptures, about Jesus – these individuals are not in the presence of the Lord Christ Jesus, if they are in disagreement with the words and teachings of Christ Jesus’ Gospel; how can they be…?  Jesus says, repent and believe in the Gospel lest you perish!  Now Christians, Jesus teaches that some followed after him because, of the bread that they were given to eat and that they completely missed the fact that Jesus is, the bread of life: Jesus is the bread that came down from heaven and whoever eats this bread will live forever, and the bread that Jesus did give was his flesh: for the life of this world!”  Now Christians, let us look at the story of Ruth with the “Bread of life” in mind; these are facts: famine was in the land where, Naomi and her husband lived; they chose to leave, Bethlehem, and went to, the pagan country of Moab, for the sake of bread; Naomi’s, husband and sons died, and Naomi’s new family comprised of two pagan women, daughters in-law: one being Ruth, the other was Orpah; Orpah chose to stay in her native pagan country, of Moab, but Ruth chose to be with her mother in-law Naomi.  Now, Naomi and Ruth travelled back to Bethlehem because she heard that the Lord had visited the land of Israel and bread was once again plentiful.  Christians, let us look at these actions, which Naomi took: were not all of the actions Naomi took motivated from the flesh; yet Jesus teaches “Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?”  As well, Jesus teaches “That he is the bread of life and whoever comes to him will never hunger and whoever believes in him will never thirst!”  Now Christians, when we look at Naomi’s motivation; it is not to censure or criticize her, but it is to learn and to look at our own reflections, of our life’s choices; are we too choosing things based on the concerns of the flesh or are we choosing things in the concerns of the spirit – by seeking the kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness: the concern of the flesh is death, but the concern of the spirit is life and peace.  Now Christians, Ruth is an interesting character in the history, between God and humankind.  She, Ruth had all the greatest things that a pagan society could offer and as we know “The pagans listened to the spirit that is now at work in the disobedient.”  However Ruth chose to follow after the God of Abraham and live in the way, the truth and the life of God, the Heavenly Father.  Perhaps it may be said, “Ruth was a person, a woman searching for fine pearls, and when she, Ruth found a pearl of great price, she chose to live in God, the Heavenly Father’s truth and sold and released herself, from all the spiritual bonds, which manifest themselves in the physical world – by ridding herself of all things that are not part of the foundation that God, our Heavenly Father has established for humankind.”  Now Christians, as the Palmist has sung and written; let us too offer this spirit, of prayer to our Heavenly Father and the Son, the Lord Christ Jesus: “Teach us your paths, oh God of Abraham, and guide us in your truth!"  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.