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Friday, July 7th 2017

The Thirteenth Week of Ordinary Time

                                Genesis 23:1-4, 19; 24:1-8, 62-67

                                Psalms 106:1-5

                                Matthew 11:28

                                Matthew 9:9-13

Now Christians, Jesus the Son of the Lord God, our Heavenly Father called to Matthew, a tax collector, who was sitting at the customs post where he was employed: “Follow Me” and Matthew got up and made the choice to follow, the Lord Christ Jesus.  Now Christians, in our daily breath, of hearts and minds, we have this choice to follow the Son of God, our Lord Christ Jesus and in this following of the Lord Christ Jesus: it cannot be according to the desires of our flesh, but must be in accordance with Christ Jesus’ Gospel.  Now Christians, Abraham’s wife, Sarah lived until she was one-hundred and twenty-seven years of age; therefore, her son, Isaac was about thirty-seven years old, and Sarah had some… thirty-seven years of life, with her son, Isaac, which is a great-gift of life; for Sarah was a mother at ninety years of age….  Now Christians, Sarah was buried in the Land of Canaan, which is the same land that Moses led the Israelites, too, when they came out of Egypt: Canaan a land flowing with milk and honey.  Now Christians, Abraham mourned Sarah’s passing; Abraham address the Hittites; and Abraham purchased property in Canaan, in order to bury his wife Sarah…!  Sarah, Abraham’s wife was buried in Canaan, in a cave at the field of Machpelah, facing Mamre – that is, facing Hebron.  Now Christians, when we look at the life of Abraham – it is said that, “Abraham was blessed in every way, by the Lord God, our Heavenly Father.”  Envision Abraham’s blessed life: he lived in a tent; he likely had goats and sheep, and other animals about him daily; he had many people in his household: making cheese, stretching skins, drying meat, making clothes from skins of animals, churning butter, and a whole host of daily activities; there was Sarah and the handmaid, Hagar; he contented with Sarah’s jealousy and laid with Hagar – producing and giving birth to the Ishmaelite, Ishmael.  Before Ishmael, Isaac, and Sarah, Abraham was Abram, the son of Terah/Thare, and Terah is a descendant of Noah; and Noah is a descendant of Seth; and Seth is, Adam and Eve’s third child.  Now, as much as things change, they also remain the same; for Abraham was adamant about, whose household the bride of his Son, Isaac would be….  Now Abraham was not being prejudice or bias towards a choice, of bride, for his son, Isaac; rather, as-it-has-been-stated-many-times -- Abraham was known to have communicated with God, the Heavenly Father and as unknowing, as this may be, to us… Christians: the promise that God, the Father made with Abraham was to his seed…!  Scripture than tell us: “The God of Heaven, who spoke to Abraham, said: “An angel will be sent before your servants and they will find: the women in your homelands and Isaac and Rebekah will become one in Holy Matrimony.”  Thiers's, Isaac and Rebekah’s was a match made in heaven.  Now Christians, also, in this account of Abraham’s life: we see a trait that is appreciated by men and women of good faith; Abraham says to his senior servant, “Put your hand under my thigh and promise, by the Lord our Heavenly Father the God of both heaven and earth that you will not procure a wife for my son, Isaac, from the daughters of the Canaanites – among whom we now live; rather… go, to my homeland and to my own kindred: to get a wife for Isaac, my blessed son, who is the promise of God.”  Now this senior servant may have scoffed at the extra work, which he had been charged, but he did not; rather, the Senior Servant went to Abraham’s homeland, and there he found Rebekah….  Now the Senior Servant looking for defined instructions, asks Abraham, “What if the women declines, and Abraham replies: ‘if she declines you will be released from your oath.’”  Now Christians this is a wonderfully picturesque happening that occurred between Isaac and Rebekah, on the day they first sighted each other: “It was evening, so the sky was likely – lightly hued with reds, whites, and blues; there was also, likely, an evening breeze, and since he was in the field; it was either: spring, summer, or harvest time.”  Now it could have happened that Isaac may not have seen Rebekah or Rebekah may not have seen Isaac, in the field, and she may have meet him later... at the place Isaac was living, his home: but that is not what is accounted; rather serendipitously, the two, whose marriage was arranged in heaven saw each other from afar and both had sudden interest….  Rebekah and Isaac married and the two became one in God, our Heavenly Father’s Gospel.  Now Christians, Abraham’s life was not without trials and tribulations, but he met all of these… with faith in the Heavenly Father; it is accounted that his life was blessed.  Isaac and Rebekah also had lives of love and life that they lived daily: trials, joys, sacrifices, blessings, children and history.  Now Christians, in our lives, every human creature has challenges, and in our youth: we do not rise to the challenges in the same way as we do when we mature; still, in Christ Jesus: we are to bring our labors and our burdens to Christ Jesus, and he will then give us rest....  Yes Christians, we can choose to meet our challenges in fleshy terms: with anger, hate, violence, name calling, through corruption, and through bribery, but what will we have if we choose to meet our challenges in this manner -- other than the seeds that we have sown: hate, violence, corruption, murder, name calling; however, if we bring our burdens and our labors to Christ Jesus – work to solve our problems in Christ Jesus’ way, truth and life, then we will have hearts and minds of joy, goodness, hope, love, forgiveness, and blessings, and we will come to the understanding that God, our Heavenly Father and his Son, the Lord Christ Jesus do not desire sacrifice, but desire mercy….  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.

Friday, July 14th 2017

Memorial of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Virgin

                                Genesis 46:1-7, 28-30

                                Psalms 3-4, 18-19, 27-28, 39-40

                                John 16:13, 14:26

                                Matthew 10:16-23

Christians, Jesus teaches, “Whoever endures to the end will be saved!”  Now Christians, we see that Jacob, who was named Israel by God, the Heavenly Father – set out with all that he owned; this then – setting out is a qualifier that says, yes, yes “Individuals do own things: property, livestock, but not other people, for if people did not own things, why would God, the Heavenly Father give humankind, the commandment, through Moses, ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s good?’”  Christians, Israel offered sacrifices to our Heavenly Father at Beer-Sheba; yet, in God, our Heavenly Father’s new covenant with humankind – all sacrifices have been made for us, by the Son of God, the Lord Christ Jesus: Jesus teaches, “God the Heavenly Father does not desire sacrifice, rather our Heavenly Father desires mercy.”  Now Christians, Jacob, who is the father of Joseph, who was sold to the Ishmaelites by Israel’s -- other eleven sons, his brothers, was told in a vision, “Do not be afraid to go down into Egypt; for I will return your son, Joseph and I will make you, Israel, a great nation.”  Now, Joseph, through Pharaoh’s goods, provided transportation for his father, Jacob, who gathered up all that he owned, and he and his sons went down into Egypt, fearlessly.  They, Jacob/Israel and his entire household: sons, daughters, daughter in-laws, grandsons, and granddaughters, servants and animals and goods, left Beer-Sheba, and sojourned, the many days down into Egypt.  When Jacob and all his descendants reached Goshen, a district in Egypt – Joseph, his son had rode by chariot to meet his father, Israel, and upon this meeting of father and son – being molded by the years of separation were filled with the joy that exists for a faithful man of God and for a faithful son, who also believes in God may have for one another: Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you!”  Now, when Jacob saw his son, Joseph, and after they had embraced in joy and in communication, Jacob pronounced, “At last I can die; now that I have seen for myself that Joseph is still alive!”  Now Christians, know and believe that the salvation of the just comes from the Lord, our Heavenly Father.  Christians understand that when we delight in the Lord, our Heavenly Father – this than being our request; we are filled with joy, regardless, of the material circumstances that may fall upon us….  For our joy is not with our material possessions or with things of the flesh, but our delight and joy is from God and through his spirit and truth: when we seek the kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s righteousness all things will be added unto us….  As well Christians: we see, but do not always understand or believe; still, there are historical and living proofs that when we trust in the Lord, our Heavenly Father and do good that we will be fed in security and dwell on the land.  Christians, now what can be hidden from the Lord, our Heavenly Father; of course nothing, for he knows our hearts, minds, and our souls even more clearly, than we know our own consciences: God, the Heavenly Father knows, if we acknowledge him or whether we reject and rebellion against him; therefore, heaven and as well, church is for the repentant and not the rebellious: for the Lord, our Heavenly Father watches over the lives of the wholehearted.  Christians, now we are supposed to turn from evil and do what is good; therefore let us look to what the scripture calls evil and what the bible calls good and then live according to these purposes.  Now Christians, scripture tells us, when the spirit of truth comes: it will guide us to all truth and it will remind us, of the things Christ Jesus expects us to do.  Now Christians, Jesus teaches us that he has sent us out into the world as ministering-sheep and has sent us into the midst of wolves, but as well, Christ Jesus has prepared us a defense, “That we be as shrewd as serpents and as simple as doves!”  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.


Friday, July 21st 2017

The Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                Exodus 11:10, 12:1-14

                                Psalms 116:12-13, 15-18

                                John 10:27

                                Matthew 12:1-8

Christians, each day, we go through our daily things and so did Christ Jesus, while he was ministering to his Apostles and disciples, and bringing us the Gospel of the New Covent between God and humankind: …they walked through a field of grain and picked and eat the heads of grain to satisfy their hunger; whereas, we …go to our refrigerators or to the store, to get ourselves something to eat and God, our Heavenly Father’s Gospel is alive, with us, in all these simple day-to-day things that we do.  Now Christians, Moses, and Aaron who became the first high priest of Israel, preformed various wonders – attempting to persuade Pharaoh to set free, the Israelites, from the lands of Egypt to which Jacob and his sons had fearlessly sojourned, during the time of draught that set Israel/Jacob to the task, of finding food to keep his family alive.  Now Christians, clearly understand this following statement: because, it is contrary to what we as people would think would happen, “God the Heavenly Father made Pharaoh obstinate!”  Now with Moses and Aaron seeking the release of the Israelites from Pharaoh and Egypt; seemingly, the last thing that God, the Heavenly Father would want to do is make Pharaoh hardhearted?  Yet Christians, we must understand that it is with God, our Heavenly Father and not human intelligence that we are being witnesses too.  Moses and Aaron, probably, would have liked God, the Heavenly Father simply to stop Pharaoh and then the Israelites could proceed onto the land of milk and honey; however this is not what happened.  Rather God, our Heavenly Father hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and they the Israelites and we through scripture, witness that Pharaoh’s punishment for not letting the Israelites leave, Egypt, was a punishment... so God the Heavenly Father could work his signs: to the Egyptians and to Pharaoh.  Now the Israelite’s persisted in wanting: their liberty, freedom, and their own livelihoods; therefore God, our Heavenly Father sent the angel of death, which is what Pharaoh said he would do to Moses and Aaron, if they ever came into his sight, again, and all of the first born, of Egypt, were slain: Pharaoh’s first born was slain; the first born of Egyptian handmaids were slain; and even the first born of all the cattle were slain by the power of God, the Heavenly Father.  [Now some will deny that this tremendous thing happened to Moses and Aaron, and the Israelites, but others -- believe it to be true; furthermore, we know that throughout history – those who seek to enslave are eventually brought to justice, even if blood must be spilled.  Now Christians, love does not take delight in the misfortune of others and this is why on the night of the Passover, in Egypt, the Israelites eat bitter herbs; to help remind the Israelites that God, the Heavenly Father takes no delight in sacrifice, but desires mercy….]  Now Christians, one of the possible reasons that God, our Heavenly Father wanted to work such signs and wonders in Egypt was to show... Pharaoh: that there is no god in idolatry; there is no god in marble statues; there is no god in wood cravings; there is no god in any craven images; and there is no god in the words of false Prophets: those who teach and proclaim something other than Christ Jesus’ Gospel of life, the New Covenant that is faith to faith from Abraham to Christ Jesus: only in Christ Jesus’ Gospel is where we find the word of God, our Heavenly Father made flesh in his Son, the Lord Christ Jesus.  Now Christians, only in an individual’s mind and heart is the belief that we cannot be forgiven for a grievous sin, we may have committed.  For Saint Paul assures us, all of humankind’s sin can be forgiven; if we take up the cup of salvation: by acknowledging our sins and sinfulness; by repenting of our sins and sinfulness and by bringing forth fruits worthy of forgiveness; still, Saint Paul does clarify that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven and a possible example of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is, believing that our sin is so grievous that acknowledgment of our sin and sinfulness and repenting of our sin and sinfulness and bringing forth fruits worthy of repentance is not enough to be forgiven by God, our Lord Christ Jesus and by God, the Heavenly Father.  Christians, faithfully, first seek the kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness: knowing that as faithful disciples, we will know Christ Jesus' voice and since we do know Christ Jesus' voice – do not harden your hearts and do not be stubborn of mind, rather yield your hearts and minds to Christ Jesus’ Gospel of life.  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen. 

Friday, July 28th 2017

The Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                Exodus 201:1-17

                                Psalms 19:8-11

                                SEE Luke 8:15

                                Matthew 13:18-23

Christians, first, seek the kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness, in the pursuit of being “Seed sown in rich soil:” so our lives, our words, our deeds, and our hopes -- will reflect and mirror the grace and truth of Christ Jesus’ Gospel…..  Yes Christians, let the roots of Christ Jesus’ spirit and truth grow and be planted into our very beings, being built into spiritual houses… overcoming the flesh of our creature, so that we may live in the love, the life, the spirit, and the truth, and the grace, and the mercy of Christ Jesus’ Gospel of life.  Now Christians, when God the Heavenly Father reminds the Israelites that it is he, the Lord our God, who brought them out of Egypt – God does this in the hopes that the Israelites, for themselves, would remember: it was he who delivered them from their consequences, which no human creature would rightly image themselves being able to escape, from such a condition; being held as captive-slaves, in Egypt, under the reign of Pharaoh and not by the means – of holding, over their heads his love and the fact that he, God, the Heavenly Father did deliver them, from the lands of Egypt and Pharaoh.  Moreover, God, our Heavenly Father gave the Israelites, the means to become a strong, honorable, and loving and good people by giving them the Ten Commandments, which gives the human creature the means and foundation, to begin to understand, how, to live in the spirit and truth of a noble and worthy and holy way; to live an abundant life.  Now Christians, the first thing our Spiritual, Holy, and Heavenly Father teaches; there is but one God and we shall not have any, other, gods, besides our Heavenly Father.  [Now Christians, the New Covenant with the Son of God, our Lord Christ Jesus began, with Abraham; although God, the Heavenly Father did have interactions between Adam to Abraham – the promise between God and humankind begins, with Abraham, and the first fruits, of this promise are fulfilled with the birth of our Savior, the Lord Christ Jesus. Christians, God teaches us: not to carve idols and worship them, as gods, for there is only one God, and that God is our Heavenly Father; God teaches… not to take, in vain his name – God will not be mocked and nor should we have in our hearts and minds anything other than sincerity and faithfulness to God, our Heavenly Father; we are to take a day of rest – remembering, God, the Heavenly Father and keeping this day of rest holy; Christians, we are to honor our parents – we must consider our parents and do what is right and good with regard for them; Christians we are not to kill – now some can get very funny and completely ironic in regard to this commandment: they will not kill a housefly in keeping the commandment thou shalt not kill, but then they will willingly partake in killing a child in the womb of a women: God the Heavenly Father commands “Thou Shalt Not Kill;’ as Christians, we are not to commit adultery, but we also must remember that Jesus did not condemn the adulterous women, but commanded her to go and sin no more: in other words Jesus told her – to repent and to believe in his Gospel of life; now Christians, we are not to bear, false, witness against our neighbor, but this does not mean that we give up our friends and neighbors to a tyrannical government, such as the NAZI regime, rather it means that we do not lie, about what our neighbor may or may not have done, in a particular and a certain account; we are not to covet our neighbor’s house: meaning if our neighbor has worked for things, we should not work to take them away from our neighbor, rather we should work to procure our own abundant lives in Christ Jesus’ way, truth, and life; and we are not to covet our neighbor's wife; meaning, it is just too bad if we have desires, for your neighbor wife.  We are to resist our sinful desires and we are to deny ourselves, and if we are not resisting our sinful desires than we are choosing to commit sin.  Now Christians, it is not by the letter of the law that we live under in Christ Jesus, rather it is by the spirit, of the law that we are to live according too; repent of your sins and sinfulness, and believe in Christ Jesus’ Gospel of life.  Now Christians, if we sincerely seek the grace and the truth, of our Lord Christ Jesus: if desires arise in our flesh that cannot be realized in serving our Lord Christ Jesus – such as, we are not to covet our neighbor wife; we are not to lust after one another; and we are not to be fornicators, but we are to realize our desire, of the flesh, and build them into a holy and loving life in Holy Matrimony: the marriage of one man and one woman, who are to become one, in love, in Christ Jesus.  Furthermore, if our Heavenly Father’s will is sought, in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus, then, when we sincerely and faithfully resist our desires that cannot be realized in accordance with Christ Jesus’ Gospel – Christ Jesus’ grace comes unto us and matches and surpasses, any desire that we may have – overcoming the desires of the flesh, with the spiritual grace and truth, which proceeds from the Heavenly Father, and the Son, the Lord Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and then, we are filled with the love and grace that emanates because of Christ Jesus’ resurrection, from the dead….  Now Christians, we are taught that we are blessed, not that we will be blessed, but that we are blessed, if we keep Christ Jesus’ Gospel of eternal life, his words and teachings, with a generous heart and yield a harvest through perseverance; therefore Christians let us persevere and pray in the name, of the Lord Christ Jesus and be thankful.  Amen.