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Friday, June 2nd 2017

The Seventh Week of Easter

                                Acts 25:13-21

                                Psalms 103:1-2, 11-12, 19-20

                                John 14:26

                                John 21:15-19

Jesus said to his disciples, who were gathered with him at the Sea of Galilee: “Follow me!”  Now Christians, Christ Jesus instructed his Apostles, and especially Saint Peter: “To follow him and to feed his people!”  Now, we have learned and understood that good food does not consist only, of proteins and carbohydrates – rather good food is the words and teachings of Christ Jesus’ Gospel, yet without nourishment, the feeding of proteins and carbohydrates and such, our faith is dead, because it is without works: according to Saint James.  Now Christians, Saint Paul going through the sufferings that the Son of Man, the Lord Christ Jesus had previously told him, he must suffer, was being charged with crimes that were related to religious differences – Paul was feeding that is teaching, those, who had ears to hear, with the words and teachings of Christ Jesus’ Gospel.  Saint Paul was being held in prison, by order of Felix, who was Festus’ predecessor as Procurator of Judea, by the charges pressed, by the elders of the Jews and the chief priests.  However, when Paul was brought before Festus for teaching the Israelites that we are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves and that it is not by, and through, the law of Moses that we are saved, but we are saved because of our belief in Christ Jesus – Festus referred Saint Paul’s case to Caesar, because Paul was a Roman citizen; as well, it may be speculated that this was God, our Lord Christ Jesus’ way of having Paul sent to Rome, where Saint Paul could bring Christ Jesus’ Gospel to the Romans.   Christians Saint Paul did bring Christ Jesus’ Gospel to Rome and he remained there for many years: preaching, teaching and living in accordance with Christ Jesus’ Gospel; it is there that Paul said, “I have won the race and I have won!”  Now Christians, in the Psalm we read that the Lord, our Heavenly Father established his throne, in heaven, and Jesus teaches us that, he has left his peace for us, so this too is established; furthermore, Jesus teaches us that we are to seek the kingdom of heaven and the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness!  Now when we seek the Heavenly Father’s Righteousness we find ourselves asking: “How do we seek God, the Father’s Righteousness?”  One answer may be that -- we keep the commandment Christ Jesus did give to us, which is: “To love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, soul, and with all our strength and as well, to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”  Now the first part of this commandment is explained, in another part of Christ Jesus’ Gospel that to love God, our Heavenly Father we must keep his words and teachings, for being mindful of his Gospel and living in accordance with Christ Jesus’ Gospel is the act of performance we must do, to love the Lord our God, the Heavenly Father and his Son, the Lord Christ Jesus.  Now the second part of this commandment: “Loving our neighbor as we love ourselves" can lead us, to various concepts and ideas and some, of these ideas, may be accurate, while others may be false; honestly, one thing we must do is love one another as Christ Jesus loved us!  Now in order to love God, the Lord Christ Jesus, as he loved us, we must love him in accordance with his word; therefore when loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, this too must be in accordance with Christ Jesus’ words and teachings.  Consider this: loving our neighbor as we love ourselves is not only a merit of deed, but it is, especially, of spirit and truth and of a clean conscience: are we loving our neighbor, if we are coveting his goods or his wife – of course not; are we loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, if we are being false witnesses of Christ Jesus’ Gospel – of course not; are we loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, if our mind and our breath and our unspoken words are filled with hate and malice – of course not.  Rather we are to rid ourselves of all malice and all deceit, insincerity, envy and all slander; like newborn infants, we are to long for the pure spiritual milk so that, through it..., we may grow into salvation, for we have tasted that the Lord Christ Jesus’ way, truth and life is good.  Now Christians, our neighbor may curse us, but Jesus teaches, ‘do not return a curse with a curse rather, if we are cursed we are to bless, the person who may curse us; as well, if someone hates us we are to do good to this person – for Jesus teaches, “If we love only those who love us what credit is that to you; even sinners love those who love them?  As well, if we do good to those who do good to us, what credit is that to you; even sinners do the same!  Rather, as Christians, we are to love our enemy and do good to them; when we lend expect nothing back, for in doing this, then our reward will be great, and we will be children of the Most High, our Heavenly Father, for God himself is kind to the ungrateful and to the wicked.  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.


 Friday, June 9th 2017

The Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

                                Tobit 11:5-17

                                Psalms 146:1-2, 6-10

                                John 14:23

                                Mark 12:35-27

Christians let us learn; when we sit at the right hand of the Heavenly Father and wait on God the Father, then through his words and teachings, we learn: although, in this world we will have distress, yet through our choice of faith in Christ Jesus – we are to have confidence, for Christ Jesus overcame the world and now we may choose to live, in Christ Jesus’ grace and truth.  Now Christians, the beauty of faith can outweigh the actual occurrence of a thing; take for instance the story of Tobit.  In faith there is a life: to learn and grow and to seek truth and life – that being Christ Jesus, but if the Angel Raphael has appeared to you, and helps you out of a jam: then you have this realization that you must contend with – each and every moment of consciousness… “That an angel of God, the Father took you out of your troubles, and delivered you once again into peace and into life!”  Now Christians, while Anna, the wife of Tobit was waiting and watching the road, she saw her son, Tobiah and a man, who was actually the Angel Raphael, in human form, walking up towards home.  Now God, the Father was about to perform a wondrous deed, for Tobit, through Raphael, and with the medicine substance of fish gall… Raphael telling the son, Tobiah; “I am for sure and certain that his eyes will be opened!”  Now Christians, Anna being a loving mother does what most loving mothers would do, if the Son she thought was lost is once again in her presence: she ran up to him and put her loving arms about him, hugging him, and restoring her son back into, the heart of her presence.  This love, mother for son, is part of the reward of life, and is life for humankind; however, there is another type of love that is available to humankind, as well, and that love is: the love we may have for God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Yes the love that a mother and son may have... can be a beautiful thing; still if that love is without God’s truth and grace, it may not grow into a son honoring a parent, as parent, and it may not even grow into love, but may be something less than, the love that God, our Heavenly Father did establish for parent and child.  Still, the love that we may have for God, which is a type of love that is also available to humankind, may bring a true and proper understanding, of the love between parent and child, and it, the love for God should take over the role of parent: for parent is not only teacher and is comforter, for the child, but as a child matures, into an adult, this role of teacher and comforter rightfully belongs with God, the Holy Spirit, who is not only teacher, but is also comforter as well.  Now Christians, Raphael, one of God’s Archangels, who was in the form of man was with Tobiah, Anna, and Tobit, as he, Tobit stumbled out into the courtyard, being that he was blind.  Now, Tobiah, went up to his father, Tobit, with the fish gall in his hand and smeared it all about his eyes, and they smarted…!  Now as this wondrous deed was in the process of happening: Tobit's eyes smarted, then Tobiah using both hands, starting at the corners, began to peel off the cataracts, and then the eyes of Tobit were opened, to the light of day: he saw his wife, his son, the blue sky, the courtyard, and the lands waiting to be harvested; Tobit saw the blessings of God, the Father; Tobit saw life!  Now Christians, we should be able to imagine the thanks; Tobit had for God: for God delivered him from his trials, restored him to his family, and gave him back his sight.  Tobit, exceedingly, gave praise to God, our Heavenly Father; acknowledging both that it was God, the Father, who indeed scourged him and as well, it was God, the Heavenly Father, who had mercy upon him – this than Christians is giving thanks to God, our Lord Christ Jesus in all things; as we are taught to do, through the Holy Scriptures….  Tobit was filled with joy, from the realization of God, our Heavenly Father’s glory, so he prayed and gave thanks: welcoming his new daughter, the wife of Tobiah; he prayed and gave thanks, for his son, who had received, blessings, and Tobit prayed and gave thanks, for his new daughter, his daughter in-law, Sarah.  Yes, Tobit welcomed his daughter in-law and he joyously gave thanks to God with all his neighbors – those who lived in Nineveh.  Now Christians, can we acknowledge God, the Heavenly Father, enough, and can we remember and do, rightly – the keeping of Christ Jesus' command: to love the Lord God, our Heavenly Father with all our heart, mind, soul and strength; the answer to this question is an empathic no -- for we should always and everywhere be mindful of God, our Heavenly Father and his Son, the Lord Christ Jesus; constantly praying, “Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil.”  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.


Friday, June 16th 2017

The Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                2 Corinthians 4:7-15

                                Psalms 116:10-11, 15-18

                                Philemon 2:15-16

                               Matthew 5:27-32

Now Christians, as Disciples of Christ Jesus, we must resist our flesh and not look at a woman with lust in our eyes; for to do so is to commit adultery in our hearts….  Still, this does not mean that there is adultery between husband and wife, but the desire felt between male and female – must be realized in love and not lust: the human creatures’ natural lust – must be realized, by and through love, in Holy Matrimony, in lawful marriages, between husband and wife/male and female.  Now Christians do not be a house divided against, itself; we believe, therefore we speak.  Yes, brothers and sisters, Christians, we are to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and then this, the Holy Spirit is to be our treasure that we hold in our earthen vessels, our bodies: heart, soul, mind and strength.  Now as Saint Paul was speaking of matters concerning, the Holy Spirit / our treasure, to the Corinthians and to us as will; we understand, although some of us may not be afflicted, in the manner, in which Saint Paul refers, yet even though he, Paul was afflicted, he was not constrained: he was able to speak Christ Jesus’ Gospel, in its spirit and truth….  Now Christians, the differences between the flesh and spirit are as different as wet and dry, but these differences are not always as easily realized, understood, or grasped; Saint Paul teaches, “For the word of the cross, to them indeed that perish, is foolishness, but to them that are saved, this is, to us, it is the power of God;” therefore, when Saint Paul talks about being perplexed, but not driven to despair – it is the realization that humankind has a free will and that God shines on the just and the unjust….  Now Christians, although Saint Paul is perplexed that the truth he speaks is not understood, by some, he is not in despair; for in his spirituality, he realizes that the power of God is working in all of us – whether we believe, it or whether we do not believe, it -- it is simply true that some of those, who were once atheists have seen the light and began to believe in Christ Jesus’ Gospel, yet the same is true, but far worse; for there are those, who once believed in Christ Jesus’ Gospel, tasted that it was good, but have turned away because of worldly concerns: whether these concerns are pride; false obligations, due to sinful misguidedness; or the putting on of the emotions of the flesh, before the spiritual truth of Christ Jesus’ Gospel….  Christians, there is no doubt, which may be inferred from the writings of Saint Paul that he was indeed persecuted; yet in all of his persecutions, trails and tribulations – Saint Paul never felt abandoned.  Saint Paul had the gift of the Holy Spirit residing in his heart, and like a living stone Saint Paul let himself be built into a spiritual house, for a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices, acceptable, to God through the Lord Christ Jesus.  Again Christians, Saint Paul had been struck down, but it was by the hand of falsehood, hate, jealousy and envy and by violence, false pride and vainglory; therefore, Paul was not destroyed, because he was in the goodness, truth, kindness, loyalty, love and charity of Christ Jesus’ Gospel.  Indeed, Saint Paul extols upon the Corinthians and to those who have ears to hear; we as Christians are to carry about in our bodies the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our body….  Furthermore, Saint Paul amplifies: we, who live are constantly being given up to death, for the sake of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may be manifested, in our mortal flesh…!  Christians, Saint Paul tell us; we are to know that the one who raised the Lord Christ Jesus will also raise us, to be with Jesus, and to place us in his presence.  Furthermore, he says; everything is for us; so that Christ Jesus’ grace may be bestowed, upon more and more people – causing the thanksgiving to overflow, for the glory of God, our Heavenly Father….  Now Christians, the sacrifice we offer, unto the Lord Christ Jesus, is to present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy, pleasing unto God, our Heavenly Father and this than is our reasonable service.  Christians, we are not to be conformed to this world; rather, we are to be reformed, in a newness of mind: proving what is good and what is acceptable and proving the perfect will of God, the Heavenly Father….  Yes Christians, although we may be afflicted; let us still believe in Christ Jesus’ Gospel.  Remember, when we are made to suffer, for doing what is right and good and just for the sake of Christ Jesus’ name, then this is grace, unto us, and Christ Jesus’ grace will keep us in his peace.  Yes Christians do remember that we are precious and loved in the eyes of our Lord God, our Heavenly Father, and when he calls us home – whether that be by the hands of hate or by injustices or by accident or by expiring from an old age, we remember what Jesus said to Pontius Pilate, “You would have no power over me if it had not been given to you from above.”  Now Christians, we are to shine like lights, in the world, and we do this by holding onto the words of life, that being, the Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus.  Now Christians, in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus, pray and be thankful.  Amen.


Friday, June 23rd 2017

Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

                                Deuteronomy 7:6-11

                                Psalms 103:1-4, 6-8, 10

                                1 John 4:7-16

                                Matthew 11:29

                                Matthew 11:25-30

Christians, Jesus exclaimed: “Praise you Father, who art in heaven, Lord of both: heaven and earth!”  Now Christians, the Lord, our Heavenly Father is faithful – keeping his merciful covenant down to the thousandth generation toward those, who love him and keep his commandments, but who, also repays, with destruction, a person who hates him; he does not dally with such a one, but makes them personally pay for it.  Now Christians, Moses was speaking to the Israelites telling them how God, the creator choose them among nations, on the face of the earth, to be a people peculiarly, and perhaps curiously, his own.  Now Moses said, the reason that God chose the Israelites was because he loved them, and he also gave a testimony that it was not because the Israelites were the largest nation; rather, it was because they, the Israelites really are the smallest nation that God did choose them as his own.  Christians, Moses continues to express God, our Heavenly Father’s fidelity to the Israelites – citing the example of delivering them, from the bondage of slavery, to a freedom in their own nation.  Still, in human contemplation the question arises; “Why did God allow there to be a drought, in the first place, in the time of Jacob, who was named Israel for his prayer-struggle, with our Lord God, the Heavenly Father” and perhaps the answer is “Because God, our Heavenly Father had purpose, to reveal himself to the Egyptians, so that they could be delivered from idolatry?”  Now, the Heavenly Father allowed Joseph, the son of Jacob/Israel to be sold to the Ishmaelites, by his eleven brothers, and they, the Ishmaelites took Joseph down into Egypt, where God, the Heavenly Father did deliver the Israelites, from the strong hand of Pharaoh, through the Prophet Moses.  The genealogy to Moses is: Abraham to Isaac, Isaac to Jacob, who was also known as Israel, Jacob/Israel to Levi, Levi to Kohath, Kohath to Amram, Amram was married to Jochebed; Jochebed is the mother of Miriam, Moses, and the High Priest Aaron.  Now Christians with great observation and attention: let us reflect and understand and believe in this moment of God, our Heavenly Father speaking, as told by the book of Deuteronomy: “You shall therefore carefully observe the commandments, the statutes and the decrees that I enjoin on you today.”  Now Christians, let your hearts and minds and your feelings and your emotions, but most of all let your spirit perceive, hear, hope and understand – the love and the joy, of this blessed promise from this psalms; “The Lord, our Heavenly Father’s kindness is everlasting to those who fear him.”  Yes Christians that is right; it says “To those who fear him, his loving kindness is everlasting.”  Christians, if there is ever a place where we need: understanding, enlightenment, and faithfulness; it is with this phrase: “His loving kindness is everlasting to those who fear him!”  Now Christians, our human nature rebukes the fact that we are to fear – our loving God and Father and in conception it is oxymoron: “How do we love God, the Father with all our heart and mind and yet, we are to fear him, so that we may live, and remain, in his everlasting kindness;” the two do not seem to fit together and this is where wisdom comes into understanding?  What is fear of the Lord God, our Heavenly Father: fear of God is – knowing that in Christ Jesus – we have certain acts of faith and belief to live according too; otherwise our salvation, the salvation that exist because of Christ Jesus’ grace and truth, will not be reward to us; we will all receive our just desserts.  Now Christians, in this Psalms it reads, “Bless the LORD, O my soul; whereas Christ Jesus’ command is ‘That we -- love the Lord God, our Heavenly Father with all our soul, with our entire mind, with all our strength, and with all our heart.’”  Furthermore this Psalm instructs us; “That with all our being, we are to bless the Lord Christ Jesus’ holy name.”  As well, Christians, we should understand that the benefit in Christ Jesus is that there is life and that there is eternal life, but that outside of Christ Jesus waits an unquenchable fire: It has been written; “Whosoever scandalizes or causes: one of his own / one of Christ Jesus’ children / his little ones, one who believes, in the Lord Christ Jesus, to stumble – that it would be better for that person, male or female, to have a millstone put about their neck and be cast into the sea," and by the way – this is another example – of why we should fear the Lord.  Yes Christians, the Lord God, our Heavenly Father and his Son, the Lord Christ Jesus do pardon: all our iniquities and heal all our ill; however, we must first confess, our belief, in Christ Jesus and his Gospel and repent of our sinfulness, in order to receive the forgiveness that Christ Jesus did establish with his death, on the cross, and his resurrection into life....  Now Christians, in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus let us pray and be thankful.  Amen.


Friday, June 30th 2007

The twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

                                Genesis 17:1, 9-10, 15-22

                                Psalms 128:1-5

                                MT 8:17

                                Matthew 8:1-4

Christians the leper showed faith, in the Lord Christ Jesus, and Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him and said, “I will do it.  Be made clean.”  Now Christians, the Lord, our Heavenly Father appeared to Abram, but we know from God, the Heavenly Father appearing to Moses, in the burning bush that the Lord appearing to Abram does not mean, Abram saw God face-to-face?  The why and the how of God, the Heavenly Father appearing to Abram; is an incredible occurrence, but as incredible as it is; it is not where the focus of our hearts and minds should be….  Truly our focus must be on what the Lord, our Heavenly Father said to Abram: for by living according to the words and teachings of the Heavenly Father, which is the Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus, we may prove out that God’s word is righteousness; that God’s word is love; that God’s word is truth; and that God’s word is life.  Therefore as God, our Heavenly did charge Abram, who became Abraham, saying, “I am God the Almighty; walk in my presence and be blameless.”  Now Christians, this charge of being blameless does not only hold for Abraham: for we also find this charge, in many characteristics, in the New Testament as well; for instance, “We are to keep the commandment without spot, blameless, unto the coming of the Lord Christ Jesus.”  We are to fight the good fight; being people who seek and pursue, justice, godliness, faith, charity, patience, and mildness.  Yes Christians, Abraham was rewarded for he acted in faith, but God said to Abraham: “Abraham… on your part, you and your descendants, after you, must keep my covenant throughout the ages.”  Now Christians, do not think that Christ Jesus came to abolish the law or the covenant that God, our Heavenly Father has with Abraham, the father of faith, but know and be assured that Christ Jesus came to fulfill, the covenant that God has with Abraham and his descendants, and Jesus came to bring salvation, to hearts and minds – those who walk blameless in the presence of the Lord, our God our Heavenly Father.  Now Christians, in the New Testament we learn that a man; although he may be circumcised, in the inner person, he might not be living, in accordance with the circumcision and as well, we learn; although a man might not be circumcised, in the inner person, he does live according to the circumcision; therefore, as our blessed brother, Saint Paul taught us, “It is by faith and by belief in Christ Jesus that we are saved; it is when, the inner person lives by circumcision that the covenant, between God and man is kept.  Now Christians many are called, but Abraham was chosen and those who have been welcomed into the kingdom of heaven have been chosen, and God, the Heavenly Father did some unexplainable things, in human understanding, in the lives of Abraham and Sarah his wife.  God allowed Sarah a ninety year old woman to give birth to her and Abraham’s son, Isaac, and my… what a happening-surprise; it must have been for Sarah, Abraham and Abraham’s entire household, which numbered in many individuals: God, our Heavenly Father maintained his covenant with Abraham through his son Isaac and all of Isaac’s descendants, to David, the king and then the New Covenant with David’s great, great, great… nephew, down to forty descendant, and then to Mary the Mother of our Lord Christ Jesus: now of course all that should be know and said about Mary, the Blessed Mother cannot be said in this one sentence; as well all that constitute as belief in Christ Jesus cannot be understood or known in one sentence either….  Christians, Ishmael and Isaac were both sons of Abraham, but the promise of the covenant with God, the Heavenly Father comes through Abraham and Sarah; nonetheless, we are to go out unto all nations and be witnesses of Christ Jesus’ way, truth, and life, the Gospel of life and eternal life -- through the acknowledgment of our sins and sinfulness and the repentance of our sins and sinfulness.  Now Christians, when we love the Lord, our Heavenly Father with all our soul; we bring all of our imagination under the authority of Christ Jesus’ Gospel: when we are tempted by jealousy or envy; we seek Christ Jesus’ grace and truth to overcome these desires, of the flesh, and then we understand that it is by the works of our own hands -- where our merit is found and accomplished and where peace, joy, and goodness of soul are realized.  Whereas, the alternative is to remain in the sins of jealousy or envy and allow these sins: of the soul, these sins of the flesh, these sins of the heart and mind – to work their deeds in our lives, which if left unrepented will lead to death: for the wage of sin is death.  Now Christians in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus pray and be thankful.  Amen.